When you own and operate a retail business, one of the biggest issues you can run into is theft being committed by your customers, and unfortunately, sometimes your employees. At PADS, we totally understand how stressful this can be, so that’s why we offer Loss Prevention services in the form of our highly-trained retail security guards to help deter thievery, prevent shrinkage, and eliminate internal fraud!

On top of this service, many businesses have COVID-19 restrictions in place to keep their customers and staff safe. Our security guards can also be used for enforcement of these health and safety protocols.

Loss Prevention
One of the biggest benefits of having a static security guard at your business, beyond keeping your products and employees safe, is that they act as a visual deterrent to anyone who may have the intention of shoplifting. Without security, a thief or disgruntled employee may feel more confident that they can get away with their crime, whereas when there is a PADS presence they run the risk of being both caught and detained by our expertly trained staff.

When you partner with PADS, our security guards have a base set of objectives while on the premises of your business.

  • Prevent loss of product and waste of company resources
  • Prevent any crimes or violence from being carried out on your property
  • Protect your property from vandalism and unwanted individuals
  • Protect the lives and wellbeing of both your customers and staff members

We always customize our solutions and objectives to meet the needs of our clients, and our guards are always ready to adapt to whatever security challenges your business may face!

COVID-19 Protocol Enforcement
Many cities and towns in Ontario have signed by-laws to make the wearing of masks in enclosed public spaces and businesses mandatory, as well as setting a maximum number of patrons allowed inside a business at any given time. These restrictions are in place for the health and safety of customers and staff, but sometimes individuals just simply don’t agree with these rules.

With the presence of a PADS security guard, your staff won’t have to worry about enforcing these policies or being confronted by an argumentative individual. This will take unnecessary stress away from employees while ensuring your business is safe and secure for all!

Whether your retail store is in need of security guards for loss prevention or COVID-19 restriction enforcement, don’t hesitate to contact the team at PADS about how we can help fill the needs of your business.

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience providing security solutions across Canada and around the globe. We design tailored security plans to meet our clients’ specific requirements and place as much emphasis on service as we do on security.

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