Are you concerned that your home is at risk of having a major bed bug outbreak? Many people believe they will be able to tell if they have bed bugs before obvious signs like red welts and itchiness become apparent, but that really isn’t the case. While you may think it is easy to detect these little pests in your home’s furniture and vulnerable areas, they can remain extremely well hidden until it is too late. When it comes to bed bug detection, let PADS explain why catching these pests early is the key to maintaining a healthy home.

Why Early Detection is Important
Identifying that there is a potential infestation is something that homeowners would obviously want to do before they start showing visible signs on their, and their family’s, bodies. Unless you personally see one of these tiny bugs on your mattress or furniture, it is unlikely you will catch an outbreak unless you are doing regular spot checks.

Most homeowners will first be tipped off when a family member complains about being itchy and has red bumps on their skin. The good news is, if you act quickly on the suspicion that your home has an infestation based off of these two simple signs, you’ll likely be able to pinpoint exactly which bed or piece of furniture is housing the pests, allowing you to attack the problem at its roots.

Neglecting these early signs of infestation will just let it spread throughout your home, allowing the bed bugs to build larger colonies. When infestations become this large, a whole home treatment will be required, opposed to a more targeted treatment when caught early.

How PADS Can Help
Our security dogs are highly trained in several types of detection services, including bed bug detection! Even if you have done your own visual inspection and pinpointed the likely source of the pests, a PADS canine has the capability to sniff out the smallest of infestations that may have gone unnoticed or untreated.

The best way to ensure your home is 100% free of these tiny infiltrators is by trusting a company with a proven record of bed bug detection.

If you are under the suspicion that your home could have an infestation but don’t know where to start looking,
contact PADS to discuss how we can be of service to your home!

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