Our team of professional security experts are highly trained to ensure we can handle any situation a client or customer may present to us. From being a static security presence for retail and other commercial stores, to highly specified support in on-site drug detection and canine search and rescue, to natural disaster evacuation support, our team truly can handle anything!

Recently, we were approached by the Timmin’s Evacuation Planning Team. They were seeking assistance with the evacuation of indigenous communities who were in proximity to the Red Lake forest fire, which you may have heard about in the news this past summer. This was not our first time assisting with an evacuation, as our team had gained experience during the 2019 spring melt evacuation of Kashechewan, as well as a similar fire evacuation in Pikangikum the summer before.

When the PADS team was brought on to assist with the evacuation, we had a few key item to focus on in terms of what we wanted to accomplish during this two and a half week period.

Firstly, the most important thing for us, as well as the entire Timmin’s Evacuation Team, was ensuring that each and every member of the communities being evacuated were 100% out of harm’s way and accounted for. We accomplished this through careful planning with an emphasis on communication between the evacuees and our evacuation team.

Secondly, as the communities we were evacuating were indigenous, we also focused on enforcing and respecting the rules that were imposed by their band council in order to help keep everyone safe. These guidelines provided by the community leaders helped us to respect and understand the traditions of the roughly 160 persons who were evacuated to Timmins, and the 80 evacuated to Kapuskasing.

Lastly, once those who were in danger were transported to their designated evacuation sites, our expert security guards ensured each and every displaced resident felt welcomed and safe in their temporary housing. We stood guard on-site to deter any predatory individuals from approaching the group trying to take advantage of the situation, and worked on ensuring spirits were kept high during their brief relocation.

After two and a half weeks, the fire was successfully under control and the community was safe to return to their home.

It’s always an honour when we are approached by municipalities seeking support for an evacuation and on-site relocation security, as it gives our team a chance to put their training to good use, and serve those who most need our help!

If your municipality is in need of expert security support to assist with evacuations due to fires, flooding, or any other natural or unnatural disaster, PADS is here to help!

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience providing security solutions across Canada and around the globe. We design tailored security plans to meet our clients’ specific requirements and place as much emphasis on service as we do on security.

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