Many businesses are looking for a security service that goes beyond a simple alarm system, but they may not have the financial means or need for onsite security guards, and that’s where our emergency alarm response service comes in. We provide alarm response security services for commercial businesses, industrial sites, residential buildings, and even banks as a cost-effective solution to protect your assets and set your mind at ease.

How it Works
In the event that an alarm is triggered, our team of security professionals will respond promptly to assess the situation. Once on the scene, the team will complete an exterior and interior patrol to confirm if it was a false or legitimate alarm. If it is a false alarm, our team will rearm the system for you to maintain security. In the unfortunate event of a legitimate breach of security, our team will contact the local police agency while securing the premises. The alarm response team can also provide you with photographs, electronic check-ins, and work with you to integrate our strategy with your current static building security.

The Benefits
Our security team will be on call for you 24 hours a day 365 days a year, and respond rapidly to any alarms signalling there has been a breach in security. This service is cost-effective and allows you to avoid the costly false alarm fees charged by local police and bylaw enforcement. Once we take over the responsibility of your business’s or residence’s alarm response, you can rest easy knowing that trained security professionals will arrive on the scene to deal with alarms accordingly. This also minimizes you and your employees’ risk because none of you will have the stressful responsibility of responding to after-hours alarms and potentially putting yourselves in harm’s way.

Other Options
We suggest taking the time to assess your current security needs in order to decide if you need security services in addition to alarm response. Our society and communities are constantly changing, and it’s important to your safety and peace of mind that you adapt your security systems and services accordingly. If you think your business or residence needs more than an alarm response service, our on-site security guards and mobile patrol services can provide you with even greater security to ensure you, your employees, and your properties are safe and secure.

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The team of security professionals at PADS has extensive knowledge and experience providing security solutions across Canada and around the globe. Our tailored security plans are designed to meet our clients’ specific requirements, and we pride ourselves on placing as much emphasis on client satisfaction as we do on security.

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