Unfortunately, due to the abundance of tools, building supplies, vehicles, and other valuable materials, construction sites often become the target of thieves and vandals. If your construction site neglects to use professional security methods, it can jeopardize your bottom line and the safety of your staff.

The Problem
At the end of the day, when you and your staff head home for the night, your construction site can fall prey to criminals without the help of a security presence. Tools and construction supplies can be expensive, and most budgets don’t account for their loss and replacement. In addition to this, if vandals are tampering with your safety equipment, vehicles, and personal protective equipment, it could put your staff at risk of injury or worse. One of the most common occurrences on unprotected construction sites besides theft is vandals breaking windows and ruining completed work with spray paint, which again, will affect your bottom line.

The Solution
Luckily, the solution is simple. Hiring a security service to protect your construction site will deter thieves and vandals from attempting to enter the premises, and if they do, they will be met with swift action and apprehended. Here at PADS, we understand that the solution can’t cost more than the problem, which is why we developed our mobile patrol units. These mobile patrol units give you the peace of mind that your construction site is safe, without having to hire cost-prohibitive full-time onsite security guards if it isn’t necessary.

The Service
Our mobile units can provide random or regular patrols as well as alarm and emergency response. All of our mobile patrol units travel in fully marked security vehicles and can be dispatched through our emergency call centre 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Every site has different security needs, which is why we provide a variety of construction site security services including,

  • 24/7 security operations and dispatch centre
  • Alarm and incident response
  • Exterior and interior inspections
  • Parking lot patrols
  • Perimeter protection
  • Lock and unlock services
  • Security escort services
  • Dedicated security patrol vehicles with GPS
  • Keyholder response services
  • Photographic and electronic check-ins for verification and documentation purposes
  • Inspection reports

We understand that every site has different construction needs, which is why we are always happy to work with you to develop a custom security plan that meets your unique demands.

Does your construction site require a security presence to keep you, your staff, and your equipment safe?
PADS has the tailored solution you’ve been looking for!

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience providing security solutions across Canada and around the globe. We design tailored security plans to meet our clients’ specific requirements and place as much emphasis on service as we do on security.

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