Dogs have been used throughout history for a variety of protection and detection roles, and it’s no mystery just how effective they can be. You’re probably aware that security dog services are used by the police and border officers, but did you know they can also be used to protect your business, property, and employees?

At PADS, all of our dogs are rigorously trained to be safely deployed within the community, but they can defend their handlers and their assigned property when necessary. Our handlers always have complete control of their respective K9s and simply having them on site is an effective deterrent. That being said, should their skills and training need to be put to use in the event of a security breach, they can be mobilized in seconds. In addition to their security and protection abilities, our K9s are also trained to detect everything from human remains to narcotics.

The list of benefits you’ll receive when you enlist our security dog services is truly endless, but these are the major ones you can expect.

Increased Security
Although our security guards are highly skilled and trained to effectively protect your business or property, adding security dog services to your security plan can increase their effectiveness exponentially. K9 teams are especially useful when guarding open spaces and large vacant properties. Their speed allows them to reach intruders faster than human guards, and ultimately just knowing that there is a K9 on-site will deter most trespassers.

Assisting in Property Maintenance
Security dog services are often the most cost-effective solution for business and property owners. Low-level criminals like vandals who are just out to destroy or deface your property will not risk a run-in with a K9, which will reduce your repair costs due to property damage and vandalism.

Sense of Security
It’s important to protect your property, but protecting your staff is even more important. Using security dog services will ensure your staff feels protected at all times, as just the presence of a K9 can instill confidence in an employee’s perception of their employer.

Enlisting our security dog services for a festival, event, or at your business will deter drug use and violence. Our dogs are trained to detect narcotics and make both audible and visual signals, which means most individuals will dispose of their illegal substances before entering your event or property.

Superior Senses
There is only so much human security guards can do, but a security dog can detect things that no security guard can. Our K9s are trained to use their heightened sense of smell to detect a variety of security threats quickly and efficiently even in busy and hectic environments.

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