With every passing year, wildfires are becoming more and more common across Canada as rain becomes scarce and the dry seasons get longer. Although wildfires are impossible to predict, these fire protection tips can help you keep your business and those who work within it safe in case of a local fire.

Secure the Site
The most important thing to consider when you are evaluating your business’s ability to deal with a potential fire is the safety of the employees and patrons within your business. In times of crisis, adrenaline can make some people act irrationally and cloud their judgement. That’s why one of our top fire protection tips you should consider for your business is to secure the site. Hiring a security service like PADS to be present in the event of an encroaching or active fire will ensure that once the proper authorities have evacuated everyone, no one re-enters the building in search of personal belongings or other individuals.

Plan Ahead
One of the first things we learn about fire safety is that the key to being prepared in the face of a fire-related emergency is having a clear plan that has been practiced beforehand. That’s why one of our fire protection tips for business owners is to plan ahead. You can’t prevent fires from endangering your business, but you can be prepared for when they do. At PADS, we have assisted with several wildfire security and evacuation efforts, and our team members have the experience to help you develop an effective fire emergency plan. Come up with a plan well before wildfire season and ensure your staff has time to learn the protocols and practice the plan a few times.

Sometimes the best way to keep your staff safe is to understand that protection isn’t always an option, which is why evacuation made our list of fire protection tips for your business. As we mentioned above, we have been an integral part of several successful wildfire evacuation efforts in northern Ontario. We assisted authorities with securing the evacuated areas, evacuating individuals who needed assistance, and ensuring the rights of those individuals were protected. Although we are never happy to see wildfires displace individuals and businesses, we are always honoured when municipalities and evacuation teams ask for our support.

Is your business in need of assistance to develop an emergency preparedness plan and ensure it can be executed successfully? PADS has the solution and experience you need!

The team of security professionals at PADS has extensive knowledge and experience providing security solutions across Canada and around the globe. Our tailored security plans are designed to meet our clients’ specific requirements and we pride ourselves on placing as much emphasis on client satisfaction as we do on security.

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