For all Ontario businesses, this has been a very trying and unstable time. Now, as Ontario is starting to relax its stay-at-home order and businesses can begin to fall back into normalcy, business owners are hoping for a smooth road ahead, and are looking for ways to prevent any more unnecessary discomfort. Part of ensuring the safety of your business and of your employees comes from a foundation of excellent protection from crime surrounding your property. Below are some of our tips for protecting your property from crime to ensure a safe and happy reopening.

Proper Locks are Essential
Reviewing and replacing old locks is an essential tip for protecting your property. Not all locks are created equal, and at times older models can be easily broken or tampered with. Consider installing an electronic smart-lock as they give that extra bit of security.

While reviewing your locks for safety and potentially replacing old locks, consider who may still be in possession of a key or combination code to your property, and make sure only trusted individuals have access.

Keep Your Property Well-Lit with Security Lighting
By keeping your property well lit at all times, you take away the cover of darkness that most criminals use to their advantage. Security lighting makes it much more difficult to carry out a crime against a business as anyone standing on your property after hours is clearly visible to cars and people walking by, as well as any security cameras you may have on the premises.

Make Sure to Set up an Alarm System
Some businesses are hesitant to install a security alarm on their premises because it can be a significant investment, but we assure you that if anything were to happen on your property, a security alarm system would save you a lot of damage and money in the long run. Once a criminal has triggered the alarm by trespassing on your property, the noise will let them know that the authorities are on their way to their location and they only have a few minutes before they arrive. This gives the perpetrator significantly less time to steal or vandalize before being confronted, making an alarm system one of the most important tips for protecting your property.

Partner with PADS for Best Results
For the best results in keeping your property as safe as possible, consider partnering with PADS for our mobile security solution. Not every property owner wants or needs full-time on-site security, but they can still benefit from mobile patrol. Having security conducting periodic or random patrols in the area of your property means perimeter protection, indoor and outdoor inspection, and immediate response to an alarm being triggered.

We hope that our businesses are not targeted for robberies, trespassing, and vandalism, but unfortunately, it can happen. Taking extra steps in safety and security on your property, and partnering with PADS will benefit you greatly in the long run, and give you peace of mind.

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience providing security solutions across Canada and around the globe. We design tailored security plans to meet our clients’ specific requirements and place as much emphasis on service as we do on security.

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