Humans and dogs have a wonderful and ever-changing relationship. When most people think of a dog’s role in the world, they think of companionship, but of course, dogs wear many different hats in regards to the roles they play in our lives, including security. The first step to turning a puppy into a vital member of a security team begins with simple dog training and obedience school, eventually moving forward into personal protection K9 training. The PADS-K9 dog training program can teach your dog several different levels of obedience and security from simple functional obedience to executive protection, so you can choose what’s right for you or your family’s needs.

Functional Obedience Level 1: Functional Obedience
Functional Obedience is the hallmark of every good dog from every family sitcom. Basically, this level trains your dog with treats and play to have them perform simple and essential tasks for being a well-behaved furry friend. Functional obedience level 1 will teach your dog simple tricks like sit, shake, and speak, as well as house manners and focus.

Functional Obedience Level 2: Advanced Off-Leash Training
Advanced Off-Leash Training is a behavioural step upward from level 1. This training is going to make your dog the best behaved at the dog park, teaching them to heel, come when called, and will promote excellent leash manners. This level will give you everything you need to be able to walk your dog confidently without a leash.

Personal Protection K9 Training Level 1: Threat Deterrent Dog
Personal Protection K9 Training Level 1 will encompass the values of functional obedience level 1 (with the option to include functional obedience level 2) while also teaching your dog simple commands like showing aggression when they sense a threat, or when they’re commanded to in order to deter confrontation, robberies, or assaults.

Personal Protection K9 Training Level 2: Personal Protection Dog
Personal Protection K9 Training Level 2 takes the next steps in keeping you safe. With this level, your dog will continue being a deterrent, but in case that doesn’t work, a dog will also be trained to engage with an active threat to protect its owner.

Personal Protection K9 Training Level 3: Executive Protection Dog
Level 3 of the Personal Protection K9 Training is by far the most professional and effective program for warding off any danger to you. In this level, we teach your dog how to physically combat an individual in order to protect you, how to do patrols of an area, and how to offer complete tactical obedience. This level takes your regular dog and makes them into a proper security dog for your home or business.

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