Many of us wish for health, safety, and wellness for our families and friends day-to-day, and we like to hope that accidents won’t happen to us, but unfortunately, sometimes they do. Cuts, scrapes, burns, and choking are all risks that are present in most homes and workplaces, and in case something does go awry, having someone there who has emergency first aid training can be the difference between life and death. But who should take emergency first aid training? At PADS, we believe that everyone can benefit from learning proper emergency first aid, but these specific groups should absolutely consider getting certified.

People In Jobs That Require Emergency First Aid Training
Some jobs, like manual labour, childcare, healthcare, and even security, require that their employees have current emergency first aid certifications before they’re able to work. High-risk jobs like construction, manufacturing, and social services could put employees in situations where they need to make quick decisions regarding the health and safety of others, and potentially help a sick or injured individual before the arrival of first responders. At PADS, all of our security professionals are required to have this training.

People Whose Home Life Can Benefit From Emergency First Aid Training
If you’re someone who has a busy home life, you could definitely benefit from emergency first aid training. Although we feel safest in our homes, there are so many items and activities in each room that could become a danger to ourselves and the people we love, especially if you are a new parent or caregiver for an aging parent. If you have a baby at home, choking hazards are already very much on your radar, but having that extra bit of emergency first aid training just in case the unexpected does occur can make a world of difference. If you like to cook, craft, build, or work out in your home, or if you have a multi-resident or multi-child home, taking emergency first aid training will ensure that you can care for your family expertly while still enjoying the activities that you love to do without fear.

Everyone Can Benefit From Emergency First Aid Training In One Way Or Another!
At PADS, we believe that ultimately everyone can benefit from emergency first aid training, regardless of their daily habits or lifestyle. Unfortunately, it’s true that accidents and emergencies happen every day around our cities, our neighbourhoods, and even our own homes. PADS, in partnership with Dave’s Reliable First Aid, offers emergency first aid courses that will teach anyone how to handle emergency scenarios such as head and spinal injuries, cardiovascular emergencies, and airway obstructions. Give yourself and your family the peace of mind that if anything were to happen, you know how to handle it and how to keep them safe regardless of the situation.

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