As the fall approaches, many of us are going to start slowly integrating back into office life. While it can be exciting to rejoin the in-person workforce and leave the house during the day, the reintroduction to in-person work can be stressful for employers and business owners. Business owners are rightfully worried about keeping their staff safe and following provincial protocol properly. Employers and business owners alike are trusting PADS to help support their team returning to the office.

Monitor Building Access
Support for employers and employees returning to the office is often measured by how seriously safety protocol is taken. Depending on the square footage of your office space, there will be a set number of individuals allowed in the building at any given time to uphold social distancing practices. At PADS, our security guards offer building access monitoring of both guests and employees who enter and exit your workplace, ensuring that there is always an appropriate number of individuals in your office without you having to worry about tracking who comes and goes.

Contract Tracing
If you’ve gone to a restaurant in the past year, you know the significance of contact tracing regarding Covid safety protocol. PADS can provide you with contact tracing through our security guards who can carefully record all the individuals entering your office and provide daily records of site visitors. PADS can help support you returning to the office by maintaining site visitation records of your employees and your guests.

Area Counts
It can be difficult to properly gauge how many people are on your property if you work from a corporate campus. Our security teams track how many people enter and exit your office building, meaning you will have the knowledge of limiting capacity on your property at any given time alerting you if those numbers rise to an unsafe amount.

Information gathered through the contact tracing process is logged and sent directly to your management team for record-keeping, allowing you to make informed operational decisions quickly should an incident arise.

The immediate benefit of implementing contact tracing efforts minimizes contact with potentially identified asymptomatic individuals for isolation, reducing social and professional contacts interactions, and minimizing a wider exposure of infection and provide greater safety for your employees and customers.

Are you prepared to support your employees returning to the office?
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