Crossing guards are a pillar of a safe community. When our kids walk to school, we can feel comfortable knowing that there are safe and responsible adults along the way to help them cross the road or help them with any trouble along the way. At PADS, we understand the importance of having crossing guards for creating a safer environment for our children, as well as providing stable jobs to hundreds of adult community members throughout Ontario. This is why we offer our own crossing guard services to ensure that the most responsible and well-trained people are helping your little one get to school safely.

PADS And Crossing Guard Services
At PADS, we take pride in sending out qualified and responsible security guards to the communities and neighbourhoods of northern Ontario. We offer both temporary and permanent crossing guards who are here to support your children and your community. Municipalities are quick to trust PADS security guard services because we offer professional training certification for all of our guards, coordination of school schedules, insurance protection, and employee background clearance to ensure that our crossing guards and our services are the best available in Ontario.

Crosswalk Safety Tips
In every community and every neighbourhood, we want our children to be safe walking to school, so we’ve compiled a shortlist of tips to help parents and guardians ensure that their children are as safe as possible when walking to and from school.

  1. Use The Buddy System: Children are safer in pairs, which is why it’s important to encourage our children to walk to school with a classmate or another child who lives on the same street.
  2. Children Are Safe To Walk Alone At Age Ten: At age ten, children are able to better assess and quickly react to threats such as oncoming traffic. Age ten is a good age to start allowing your children to walk to school on their own (preferably with a friend, of course!).
  3. Choose The Best Route: When planning on allowing your child to walk to school without your supervision, make sure that they have a clear understanding of the route they should be taking. Walk with them to practice the first time and stress the importance of staying on the same path so they don’t get lost!

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