“In 2018, The City of Timmins embarked on planning our 2nd annual Stars and Thunder Festival. We hosted an 8-day music Festival and Fireworks competition that saw an average of 5,000 to 10,000 people daily in attendance. 

When another security service cancelled a few months before the event, PADS-K9 Protection and Detection Service stepped up to assist in security services. They worked with our local police service on-site and were able to work with the City in a short amount of time in order to get the required number of security guards for the festival. They were very cooperative in the process and in making adjustments at the festival to improve and handle requirements the site presented. 

The City of Timmins was very pleased with their professionalism and dedication to our festival and we would be pleased to work with them again in the future.” 

Mayor Black

City of Timmins

“Our affiliation with PADS-K9 and proprietor Martin Piel has been a positive one. They are reliable, courteous, professional and maintain a high standard of excellence for the services they provide.

It is a difficult environment to work in, but Mr. Piel and his staff have worked hard to fit in with our staff and the patrons that attend the shelter. They have been an essential component of the services of the shelter and patrons respond well to their presence. Also, Mr. Piel has gone above and beyond to ensure that any questions or issues that may have arisen are addressed quickly and professionally. 

He went above and beyond to help us mitigate any security issues we had with clients and neighbours. I would highly recommend them for any position.”

Mark Lionello

Program Manager CMHA, Cochrane Timiskaming

“The service provided is exceptional. Guards and management work well with workers and management at the CMHA. PADS-K9 plays a critical role in creating and maintaining a respectful environment, while unacceptable conduct is not tolerated. 

We did not expect management to take such a lead role on site. PADS-K9 management will show up on-site unexpectedly and will interact with patrons. Without a doubt, this has had a positive effect on the environment, for staff and for patrons.”

Denise Brunet,

Manager CMHA, Cochrane Timiskaming

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