Search & Rescue Services

Did you know that each year across Canada there are approximately 5,000 ground-based Search & Rescue incidents? They involve all types of outdoor situations, from hikers and skiers, to backcountry travellers and boaters.

PADS Security offers Search and Rescue (SAR) trained dogs for assistance in emergency situations. The PADS team consists of highly-trained handlers and dogs with regimented protocols and a dedicated focus on rescue missions.

The PADS SAR teams are capable and skilled professionals in:

  • Incident Management and Communication Training
  • Safety Procedures
  • Search Procedures
  • Map, Compass and GPS Navigation Skills
  • Extrication Training
  • Clue Detection
  • Rescue Equipment Requirements/Operation
  • Situation/Environmental Hazard Awareness
  • Wilderness First Aid Certification/Basic Life Support
  • Ongoing Risk Assessment

Our rescue specialists are highly skilled professionals capable of administering emergency first aid care in the most difficult conditions. We work with local and provincial authorities to assist or augment search capabilities for lost or missing persons and/or evidence.

When an emergency situation arises, PADS security team is here to help.

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