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Security from the unseen.

Did you know dogs can detect some, if not most, odours at concentrations of parts per trillion? The nose of a dog is far more sensitive than a human’s and can be used in a variety of situations to save you time and money.

PADS service dogs are trained to perform a host of services including: 

  • Narcotics inspection 
  • Bomb-sniffing
  • Bed bug identification

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How does the PADS-K9 Inspection Team Work?

One of our Detection Handler and K9 teams will meet you to sweep the building or rooms where you require inspection. The Detection Handler will guide the dog throughout the room(s) allowing them to sniff for evidence in every applicable area. Our dogs are extensively trained to indicate when they discover traces. At each alert from the dog a visual inspection of the area is done to confirm the dog’s findings.

Bed Bug Detection

Advantages of Using Dogs for Bed Bug identification:

  • Very fast inspection times
  • Can identify the scent of all life stages, from eggs to nymphs to adults
  • Detect bed bug scent through mattresses, inside walls and furniture

We help reduce the costs of treating severe infestation through early detection. A PADS-K9 team can identify a few bed bugs just as easily as it can detect an infestation. Early detection means treatment is not as disruptive when compared to a more severe infestation—saving you money, time and decreasing the disrupting to your business. 

Hotels and Rental Unit Inspection
Our dogs provide a cost-effective method to search entire buildings in a very short period of time. Large hotels can be covered in a fraction of the time it takes to complete a manual visual inspection. As dogs perform inspections without disturbing a tenant’s possessions, you can identify any issues early through quick and repeated inspections.

Follow Up Inspections
It can be difficult for a bed bug exterminator to ensure there are no live bugs during a follow-up inspection. Since our K9 inspection team will only alert to the presence of live bed bugs, they can determine whether or not the extermination effort was successful and help avoid unnecessary further treatments.

Dog Demonstrations

Our dog team is also available for drug awareness education demonstrations to schools, Scout & Guide groups, youth groups and community organizations. 

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