Municipal Services

With the introduction of Ontario’s Bill 68, we have the ability to provide some bylaw and policing services to non-unionized municipalities. 

Despite the differences, some observers have argued that private security and the public police are complementary to one another. It has been noted, for example, that cooperation between private security and the police can reduce emergency response times, enhance the protection of critical infrastructure, and facilitate intelligence gathering.

Municipal support services ensure non-core policing tasks are performed by dependable, highly trained professionals. Our practical experience, training, and management provide us with the ability to adapt to each municipality’s requirements, freeing up your resources to do what counts—serving and protecting the community.

Bylaw Enforcement:

By outsourcing bylaw enforcement to professionals, your municipal employees have a greater capacity to focus on relevant issues within the community while still generating revenue with regular parking and infraction enforcement.

Crossing Guard Services:

School crossing guards are an important part of any community. These dedicated individuals work and interact with children and families every day to protect and assist those walking across the streets ensuring their safety.

Animal Control, Enforcement & Assistance

Animal and wildlife control is something that every Municipality must take care of to ensure their communities are safe and secured. Whether they are wild animal-related complaints or calls for an emergency response to injured domestic pets, we help take care of all your Municipality’s animal control needs.

Let’s discuss the bylaw needs of your municipality, and how PADS can fill in the gaps.

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