Emergency Support

During a natural disaster or other emergency situation, reliable security is needed to keep people, assets and locations secure.

Most people don’t realize that disaster training is important for your business security.  Having a trained professional available in an emergency can make all the difference. Our highly-trained security professionals know how to manage injured or scared people and can help ensure everyone is kept safe. 

In the event of a natural disaster, the PADS team can be rapidly deployed to support your needs. 

We are ready to assist with rapid and flexible solutions, including:

  • Immediate security for emergencies or unexpected situations
  • Support from uniformed security officers
  • Retail security services in the event of alarm failure or natural disasters
  • Development of Business Continuity Plans/Emergency Readiness Plans
  • Workplace security training
  • Perimeter security for fire or insurance security claims to ensure no one enters or compromises the scene

Our emergency response services are available 24/7. Whether it’s a natural disaster or a community safety threat, our team is ready to respond. With backgrounds in law enforcement and the military, we are experienced and equipped to handle even the most difficult situations.

Does your business or community have a comprehensive action plan for an emergency or natural disaster security?

PADS can help create a plan and augment your emergency response team resources.

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