Loss Prevention

Theft is one of the biggest losses businesses face today.

At PADS, we understand this concern. We have highly-trained loss prevention staff who have specific training to reduce costs, prevent shrinkage and help eliminate internal fraud.

Our on-site deterrence applies to retail and department stores, distribution centres, warehouses, mines and more. We can supply prevention security guards who act as a visible deterrent to potential thieves, or discreet monitoring of the premises.

Our operatives are highly trained and professional in their conduct, as they seek to deter, identify, and report theft and other security concerns.

Our security officers objectives are to:
  • Prevent loss and waste
  • Prevent crime and violence
  • Protect your property and premises
  • Protect the lives and wellbeing of staff members
The PADS Security guards also have the required training to apprehend and detain offenders.

We pride ourselves on our open and effective incident reporting. Staff document all their activities including identification of potential thefts of inventory on display or in storage, as well as property recovered. 

With our wealth of experience in the industry, you can have peace of mind knowing you are working with the right team to safeguard your company.

Let’s discuss your loss prevention and security needs. 

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